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Tips for an engaging Groom's Speech

A Groom's speech is probably the most important address at a wedding.

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A Groom's speech is probably the most important address at a wedding. Followed by the best man (more on that in our other blog post - "An Engaging Best Man Speech"), it's an occasion during a wedding where everybody listens intently to what you, the Groom, have to say.

Delivering a Groom's speech is a wonderful opportunity

It's a truly defining moment and a winning Groom's speech can leave a lasting impression at weddings.

For most Grooms it's a nerve racking task and probably the first time you have ever had to speak in front of a large audience. So to help you settle into your groove and ease your nerves a little bit, here are our top 3 tips for delivering an interesting, engaging Groom's speech:

1. Start with a story

Introduce your speech with a short, personal story and have a dramatic conclusion to wrap it up with. It's a terrific way of getting the crowd's attention and immediately drawing them in to your speech. Don't start your by thanking people or complimenting your bride; whilst both those things are critical boxes you should tick, save that for later and instead, use your introduction to hook your audience and set the tone for the rest of your speech.

2. Practice using a prop

Chances are you will be handed a microphone for your speech and for most Grooms, speaking with a mic in our hand is not something you do everyday. Some of you may have palm cards in your hand so when throw them with your nerves, it's a delicate juggling act. A good way to get familiar with the tools you need is by using your TV remote control for practice. It weighs about the same as a mic and lets you familiarise yourself with the sensation of holding one. If you can do away with the palm cards, great! If not, use them during your practice so it makes the juggling act a lot easier when you're live on stage.

3. Speak to your bride

It's very easy to get caught up with thanking everybody but remember, this is the day you got married! Carve out a part of your speech and speak to your bride as if nobody else was in the room but try not to make it sound like a script. Get personal and don't be afraid of what your audience thinks - speak to her from the heart and tell her something that will leave her smitten and your audience in tears.

I've picked these 3 tips because its tried and tested - in fact, I did this at my wedding and got incredible feedback for my speech! So if you're getting married and need a help polishing your speech, get in touch with us and let us help you plan your piece to perfection.

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